Elwyn Hutter


At 32 Elwyn was diagnosed with Colon Cancer about 6 weeks after him and his wife found out they would become parents. Once He made it through that challenge, he started to pay more attention to his overall fitness, but just couldn’t find a program that worked. He tried running – too boring for him to do every day. Cycling – too much of a time investment. Gym membership – solitary and without real challenge. Jiu Jitsu – just didn’t take. He needed to find something that would keep him moving forward; where the workouts were always fresh and challenging and where he could build total body fitness. Most of all, Elwyn was looking for something that would keep him healthy.

Enter Crossfit. Elwyn started Crossfit in 2011 and immediately felt the hook. The variety of workouts, incorporating weightlifting, gymnastics, running and rowing left him, for the first time, feeling strong. Since starting Crossfit he has accomplished tasks he never thought possible; half marathons, heavy lifts, fitness competitions and an almost daily sense of having accomplished something to be proud of.

As a certified Level 2 Crossfit Trainer, Elwyn’s single goal is to help others of all ages, shapes and sizes come to the same realization that he did – life is better when you are feeling fit and strong. He believes that everyone is capable of smashing personal goals and records and that the community and camaraderie that Crossfit and group fitness classes foster are a critical ingredient to doing just that.  Prior to moving to Austin in 2016, Elwyn was owner and Head Coach of CrossFit Ossining in suburban New York.  In that capacity he had the pleasure of understanding just what a strong community can be created in a CrossFit Affiliate.  

Nothing would make Elwyn happier than to meet you and discuss your goals and how we can help you meet them. Let’s have some fun!!