Daniel “Danno” O-Reilly



























I was first introduced to CrossFit by a fraternity brother who opened up a gym in my hometown of Portland, Oregon in 2013. Wasn’t necessarily looking to get in shape (was happy with my running schedule)…I was more interested in trying to help a friend out in starting his new business. Couldn’t believe the shock to the system CrossFit did to me and conversely, how little taking my dog for a run three days a week was doing for me!

¬†It didn’t take long for me to become hooked. Pounds were shed. Fat was dropped. Muscle was built. Body comp changed. But more important than quantitative metrics, the qualitative feelings of how I felt were more impressive. The desire to eat better, to lay off the 8.0% IPA’s, and sleep more took over and became more important to me.
I got my L1 Coaching Certificate in November 2014 and have been coaching at CFOH/3rd Element since May 2017. The diversity of athletes and atmosphere brings something for everyone. If you’re not a member, I highly encourage you to drop in, work up a sweat, and check out what life at 3rd Element is all about!