Shana King (she/her)

Shana King (she/her)


Olympic Lifting is my favorite!
DT 7:55
Clean & Jerk 175#
Snatch 125#
Baseline: 4:37


CrossFit L1
Texas Educator License: Physical Education EC-12, Principal EC-12, Science 8-12
Competitive Cheer Coach
Competitive Swim Coach

About Coach

I grew up in Crosby, Texas where I was a theater kid who competed in swimming and cheerleading. I moved to Austin in 2006 to attend UT Austin, where I continued to coach swimming and earned a BS in Biology and teaching certificate. After teaching a variety of high school science courses and coaching school cheerleading for 7 years, I went back to UT Austin to earn a Masters Degree in Education Administration and became a high school Assistant Principal, which is my current “day job”. I am committed to fighting for social justice and equity across systems, especially in education, health, and basic needs. <br /> The community of 3rd Element Fitness has been a “3rd Place” for my husband Tyler and I since we completed Fundamentals in 2014. The profound positive impact of coaching, programming, and community on my health and wellness is what inspired me to pursue my Crossfit L-1 and become a coach in the Fall of 2020.<br /> I am an educator at my core and have a deep love and admiration for the craft of teaching. Growing up I had many incredible teachers and coaches, as well as some pretty terrible ones. I learned that both groups have the power to impact the lives of those they serve. It takes a combination of character, empathy, and knowledge to be the coach who motivates, challenges, and cares to grow their athletes and keep them coming back day after day.

Turning Point

In college and the years after I felt lost in the realm of fitness. I no longer had the structure of high school, club swimming and cheer to keep me off the couch and moving. I would join a “globogym” for a few weeks but quickly fall off. I realize now that I failed because my only motivation for going to the gym was rooted in disliking my body and the way it looked. I was impatient, and without the guidance of a coach and programming I engaged in disordered eating, had poor movement habits, saw no sustainable results, and had no fun. I would quit until the next wave of body dysmorphia hit and start the cycle over again. When I became a high school educator and cheer coach, I knew I needed to set a better example for my students. <br /> Joining 3rd Element Fitness in 2014 was a completely different experience. I loved learning how to use new equipment, perfecting movements, and building strength rather than cutting myself down. Most of all, I had high quality coaches and a community of people who like all of those things too. Hanging out and laughing with friends was a more effective motivator for getting a workout in than hating my body ever was. Eventually my body did change- I became strong, and with strength came confidence. The physical, mental, and emotional lessons I learn in the gym make me a better educator, partner, and person. All of those things are what keep me coming back day after day.

Motivation & Passion

Over the years I have grown to see fitness as an act of love. We only get one body to enjoy our time on earth, and movement is one way we can take care of our bodies and show love to ourselves. There are a variety of systemic barriers that keep people from accessing fitness and improving their quality of life, and I want to be someone who removes those barriers and builds connections to support lifelong habits. I love coaching because I get to be part of people experiencing all of the incredible things they might not have believed they were capable of. Most of all, we have a lot of fun! I want my class to be “the best hour of your day”, where you can move through the noise and stress of everyday life, crush your goals, and leave ready to tackle whatever the day brings.

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