Elwyn Hutter

Elwyn Hutter


I'm proud to still be on this journey. I'm a powerlifting guy, so...
Back Squat: 385
Deadlift: 477
Bench: 250
1 Mile: 6:05


CrossFit Level 2
Crossfit Level 1
Precision Nutrition Certified Coach
CrossFit Mobility
Law Degree

About Coach

When I was 32 I was diagnosed with colon cancer - just weeks after learning that my wife, Lisa, was pregnant with our first child. I had been loosely engaged with different types of fitness until then, and even after struggled to find something that kept me motivated. In 2011 I found CrossFit and felt the hook almost immediately. 3 years later I opened my first gym and experienced the joy of watching others learn how much they are capable of. A few years after that, I finally got a handle on my weight, dropping from 215 to about 170 (it depends on the day). This gave me a deep appreciation for the struggle that many people have with food and led to my becoming a certified nutrition coach. Unlike many coaches, my life is not the story of years and years of training and athletics. I have had several careers, including Law, Sales, Manufacturing Manager, etc. All of these coalesce in what I hope is an understanding that people some to our gym from many different paths - my job is to meet them where they are. I am proud of my accomplishments, but in a personal level knowing that as I grow older I can also grow stronger and fitter is most fulfilling.

Turning Point

My turning point would have to be when I finally took on my weight issue. For most of my adult life I convinced myself that my weight was alright, I just carried a lot of muscle so of course I would weight more. We all must find our own motivation and mine came from the members of this gym. Prior to being an owner/coach here I was a member, and noticed that other members who I would compare myself to began to post much better workout results. Why? They were tackling the nutrition side of the equation and it was paying off in the gym. You might think that a history of cancer would have spurred me to action. Or high cholesterol. Or the nagging suspicion that I was fooling myself about my weight. Nope - it was trying to keep up with people who were all of a sudden faster and stronger. That became a turning point not just in health (cholesterol went down, cancer is long gone, I got stronger and faster), but in understanding that each person has a different trigger and that an effective coach will understand that and work to uncover it without any assumptions or judgment. Most people know what they need to do to live a healthy life, it's finding that key which makes doing it a top priority that is really difficult.

Motivation & Passion

Finding that key is my motivation. Learning what makes each of our members tick; what their goals are and what stands in the way of achieving those goals. My strength is in serving people who need help getting back on track with their fitness journey and in helping them understand that it is a journey. Victories must be celebrated, but tough days must be processed and left behind. Bringing enjoyment and comfort to the difficult procress of getting and staying healthy is my motivation.

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