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5 Common Misconceptions of CrossFit That Keep People From Giving it a Try

Overcoming the Fear of CrossFit As the publicity of CrossFit grows, it seems that the fear of CrossFit has also.  As a veteran CrossFitter, I often forget the first day I stepped foot into a CrossFit box– the intimidation I felt, the stress of “Am I doing it right,” and the feeling of “Everyone here is fitter than me.”  Now that CrossFit is such a big part of my life and it’s a place I feel happy and confident, it’s hard to understand why people are so scared to try it.  So I want to help others understand why the common

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30-Day Mobility Challenge

A Realistic Approach to Mobility: A Simple 30-Day Challenge “I don’t have time for mobility.  Is it really necessary?” YES!  Especially for CrossFit athletes because of the complex movement patterns and the high volume workouts.  “Why is mobility so important?” When done consistently, mobility work can increase safety and efficiency of movements, improve muscle recovery, and can also provide a meditative component for mental health.  Thus resulting in increased fitness capacity as well as improved overall health and well-being.  “I don’t even know where to start.” It can be overwhelming to think about ALL the things you need to work on in terms

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