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Kids Fit

Believe it or not, your kiddos love to run, jump and swing.  What we see as exercise, they see as fun.  At 3rd Element Fitness we offer 2 separate kids programs so no matter the age of your little one, they can keep learning that physical activity is fun and makes them feel good.

Ages 6-10: This class focuses on basic athletic movements like squatting, footwork, jumping and simple pushing and pulling exercises.  Classes are 45 minutes long and include a warm-up, some movement instruction, a short workout and a fitness “game”.  Where appropriate for some of the older children in this group, light kettle bells and medicine balls may be used.  The primary focus here is on a lively, well-paid class that keeps the kids moving and smiling.

Ages 10-13:  At this age we can begin to introduce weight training to the kids.  Each class will focus on some basic body weight movements and will also incorporate one barbell movement.  All barbell movements will be taught first with a PVC pipe or light weight training bar.  Only when the instructor feels that proper form is understood and used will some weight be added.  Weight is added in small increments to ensure proper form at all times.  Each class will also include a short (7-10 minute) workout at the end which will incorporate some of the skills learned earlier in the hour.