What Is 3rd Element Fitness?

A Full Spectrum Fitness Facility: At 3rd Element we know that physical activity is only part of overall health and fitness picture.  Nutrition, physical capacity and community are all key components to a long and healthy life.  Most gyms offer 1, maybe 2 of those elements – at 3rd Element we offer all three.  The result is a place where people of all walks of life and all physical abilities can come and work together to make themselves and everyone around them better.

We believe that the time you spend with us should be the best hour of your day.  We believe that when you join 3rd Element you are investing in us to provide not just top flight coaching and workouts, but an experience that becomes a part of your life.  Beyond home and work, we believe that 3rd Element should be your 3rd Space – that place where you can go and know you’re surrounded by friends and colleagues who share common goals and who celebrate your successes and accomplishments as though they are their own.

We believe health and fitness, from what you eat to how much you recover to how you attack a workout is a lifestyle.  We believe that you are capable of much more than you believe.