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30-Day Mobility Challenge

A Realistic Approach to Mobility: A Simple 30-Day Challenge “I don’t have time for mobility.  Is it really necessary?” YES!  Especially for CrossFit athletes because of the complex movement patterns and the high volume workouts.  “Why is mobility so important?” When done consistently, mobility work can increase safety and efficiency of movements, improve muscle recovery, and can also provide a meditative component for mental health.  Thus resulting in increased fitness capacity as well as improved overall health and well-being.  “I don’t even know where to start.” It can be overwhelming to think about ALL the things you need to work on in terms

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12 Healthy Food Joints South of the River, Austin, TX

Austin is a great place to live if you enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. It boasts a culture full of healthy restaurants, outdoor activities, and fitness enthusiasts. However, eating out in any city can be a challenge– whether you’re on a date night or just want to pick up something healthy for dinner after work. Check out this list below of some healthy (and delicious) restaurants in south Austin!     Café Malta Casual Mediterranean cuisine with gourmet entrees using fresh local ingredients. Top Menu Picks: Springtime Salad, Mussels, Tangier   3421 West William Cannon Drive 512.853.9584 Website   Picnik Paleo-friendly

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Preparing for Murph

Preparing for Murph: A Three-Week Training Plan Memorial day is coming up, and you keep hearing about this “Murph” business? So… what is ‘Murph’? Murph is a workout known in the CrossFit community to honor Lt. Michael P. Murphy, a Navy SEAL killed in action in 2005. Many CrossFit boxes participate in a fundraiser every Memorial Day to raise money for the LT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation. Here’s a little more background on LT. Murphy and his bravery: “LT. Michael P. Murphy (SEAL) was the officer-in-charge of a four-man SEAL element in support of Operation Red Wings, tasked

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